Our Goal: $2000.00


Northern Beaches Writers' Group
26th August 2017

Proudly Supporting The Kids' Cancer Project Sponsor Now

Team Information

Thank you for supporting our team's effort in the 2017 Write a Book in a Day competition! This year's team consists of Zena Shapter, Kylie Pfeiffer, Leah Boonthanom, Tony McFadden, Chris Lake, Jacqui Brown, Bronwen Bowden, Emily Antonio, Rodney Jensen and Sonia Zadro.

Your donation will not only help us; it will also help kids with cancer.

The Write a Book in a Day competition has contributed $431,000 towards childhood cancer research since 2009 through The Kids' Cancer Project who also distribute the books to children undergoing treatment in hospitals all over Australia.

Dig deep! The more you can give the better our chances are for winning a special sponsorship fundraising award.

The Kids' Cancer Project was founded in 1993 by Col Reynolds who decided to step up and do something to help children with cancer. Twenty years later more than $30 million has been given to research projects across Australia, thanks to community support.

Science is making an impact, providing new treatment options and giving hope to the children and young adolescents diagnosed each year. Every donation is one step closer to ending childhood cancer.


Name Date Amount
Zoe Sargant 31st August 2017 $50.00
Zena Shapter 31st August 2017 $50.00
Amy Spurling 30th August 2017 $20.00
Anonymous 28th August 2017 $20.00
Helene Do 27th August 2017 $50.00
Anonymous 26th August 2017 $20.00
Chico And Opie Hickey 25th August 2017 $20.00
Annette Archer 24th August 2017 $50.00
Alison Antonio 23rd August 2017 $50.00
E Bowden-Reid 23rd August 2017 $50.00
Andrew Pfeiffer 20th August 2017 $50.00
Kylie Pfeiffer 20th August 2017 $50.00
Lachlan Pfeiffer 13th August 2017 $50.00
Snezana Gashi 6th August 2017 $50.00
Jenny Gay 2nd August 2017 $50.00
Anonymous 1st August 2017 $100.00
Bernadette Colling 1st August 2017 $50.00
sonia Zadro 30th July 2017 $100.00
Brad Ward 25th July 2017 $50.00
Richard Bowden-Reid 23rd July 2017 $240.00
Caitlin Fitzgerald-Carter 22nd July 2017 $10.00
Mel Sinclair 22nd July 2017 $20.00
Kate Gow 21st July 2017 $50.00
Roger Chan 21st July 2017 $100.00
Kay Greene 20th July 2017 $30.00
Patrick Keuning 20th July 2017 $50.00
Anonymous 13th July 2017 $100.00
Rebecca Twist 12th July 2017 $50.00
Zoya Nojin 8th July 2017 $50.00
Susannah Russell 8th July 2017 $50.00
Alex Cain 4th July 2017 $20.00
RODNEY JENSEN 29th June 2017 $100.00
Tracey Jackson 27th June 2017 $20.00
Jacqui and Softie Brown 25th June 2017 $50.00
Emily Antonio 24th June 2017 $50.00
Kathleen Kennedy-Hewitt 21st June 2017 $50.00
Drew Seitam 21st June 2017 $100.00

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